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Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor
by Leylanorman - 2015-03-21

When you first enter a field, learning the intricate ropes takes time. Having a mentor to guide you through the process can be extremely helpful as you learn your way around. The relationship alone can help you fit in in your new workplace as well. Find a mentor to assist you in navigating your new position.

Mentors Help You Settle In

Mentors show you where the break room is, how to best send an email to the boss in order to get a fast response, and tell you who in the office should be spoken to in a certain way. Knowing the office culture takes time to master, but if you have a mentor on your side who can walk you through all of the organization?s quirks, your learning curve will be small.

Mentors are Your First Friends at Work

Also, mentors are like built-in friends at work. They are the first people you should go to if you are having a problem or if you need another set of eyes on your work to help you improve it. They are good sounding boards for ideas, and if you have any questions, you can simply ask without feeling like the newbie at work.

When you apply for a new position, find out whether there is a formal mentoring program. Educational institutions often have them for new teachers, for example. Veteran teachers are available to do classroom observations of new teachers and to provide helpful feedback for improving teaching style. If there is no such program, find someone on staff after you begin work has at least a few years of experience and who others in the workplace seem to respect. Simply ask if the person would consider serving as an informal mentor to help you.

Mentors are the perfect way for you to get started working in a new place. They are knowledgeable, less prone to drama than many workers, and they know how to do their jobs well. The relationship you build with them can last for years, and it can help you become better at your job. Accept their criticism with grace and a mind to improve your work.


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