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Work at home
by Karina - 2015-02-20

Are you thinking every day about how much you don't like your job?

Have you ever asked yourself if you really love what you're doing?

Think about all the stress you have to take, the traffic what's making you late sometimes, coworkers that distract you from work, your boss that is nervous and stresses you to finish faster your work asking ever five minutes "How is it going?"! You don't really need to take all that!

Now, you have so many options!

You can be your own boss making your own schedule how ever you want. And one more thing! You can work from your home or wherever you want!

But you need to know something about working at home because you can get distracted very easily by your family or life partner.

First, you need one room or if you have an office it's even better. If you don't you'll need a work area because some will think if you work at home you can do whatever you want. That's why you will need to be organized, plan your whole day and explain to your partner/family what "Work at home" means. They need to know that you have a fixed schedule and what hours are you working. Being organized doesn't just mean how you organize a day, it also means how your office looks, that when you need something you don't have to search all your home for that.

You have to be careful because you can loose yourself in the virtual world very easy and sometimes going out and working from a coffee shop is a good idea. Maybe you can also get some new ideas and relax a few minutes.

Grab a good coffee and give yourself five minutes of relaxation. Your brain will work better after and if you really think that you worked too much take a break, relax, lay on a couch and listen to some music you like. You need some time away from your desk, because you don't want to be stressed. Maybe you can read a book or just go out for a walk. Working at home may make you forget some things. You must have a healthy lifestyle, talk to some friends or go for a hiking at least once a week, nature will help you recreate. But one more thing, you have to be always connected on mail, phone calls..

The most important thing is passion and if you got all these things, i will be very easy for you.

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